Masonry Sealing Services

If you've ever seen a dark stained patch of brick path that sits under the edge of an awning or by the end of a gutter, you know the kind of damage that water can do masonry. It can turn bright auburn brickwork into a morass of brown, cracked, mildew and fungi covered stones. This isn't just visually unappealing. It also makes your brick paths dangerous and brick walls unstable. The best way to repair this type of water damage is to prevent your brickwork from ever getting damaged in the first place. With brick sealing services from Thomas Johnson, you can protect your Buffalo area brickwork from all types of water and weather damage.

Form a Perfect SealBuffalo Masonry Sealing

Thomas Johnson uses only the best sealant products with our masonry sealing services. High quality Prosoco brick sealing products will protect both the face of your brickwork and the mortar for years. This sealant is strong against both cold and heat extremes that are found in the Buffalo area and are also incredibly resistant to water impact caused by fierce storms common to the area. And, of course, our expert technicians know how to apply masonry sealing so that it covers all of your masonry evenly.

Only Need Occasional Checkups

While Prosoco brick sealing products last for years, even the best product requires occasional inspection and touch ups. At Thomas Johnson, we offer inspection services to ensure that your masonry sealing is still as strong today as it was when it was first applied. And if some catastrophic event does damage your brickwork, even with sealing, we can repair and restore it before resealing it.

In fact, even if you never had brick sealing before and your bricks are in terrible shape, our technicians have the skill to restore them before sealing your masonry. At Thomas Johnson, our goal is to protect the masonry at your Buffalo home so that it is safe and looks great for decades to come.