PrOsoco Products Offerings

Thomas Thomson inc.'s more than 50 years of masonry experience has given us the experience to be masonry experts. Prosoco has been in existence for over 75 years and has perfected the art of their masonry products. Together, we offer an unrivaled blend of products and services to protect your masonry we both love!


Staining, soiling, and biological growth that’s decades or even centuries old doesn’t easily go away. Over the span of time, contaminants virtually cement themselves to aging and fragile masonry. They penetrate the masonry where ordinary cleaners can’t reach. Restoration not only restores the beauty of your masonry but adds strength 

and life to it!



Sure Klean. Light Duty Restoration Cleaner: Gelled cleaner rids dense masonry surfaces of light-to-moderate atmospheric and oxidation staining. Highly efficient restoration cleaner for most dense masonry surfaces. Cleans pollution and mineral streaks from most window glass. Unlike acid cleaners, this is not very corrosive! 





Sure Klean, Heavy Duty Restoration Cleaner: Concentrated cleanser breaks the grip of heavy atmospheric staining on brick and other masonry. Proven effective for cleaning the dirtiest buildings. Safer than sandblasting – strong enough to clean nearly all stains, will not damage masonry.




Enviro-Klean Restoration Cleaner: Near neutral, non-acidic cleaner. Water-rinsable. Contains ZERO acid. Very tough cleaner!